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A winning start

The rescue plan for recreational cricket made a good start with a six-team group taking part in a mini-league. We took on old friend Sudbourne Hall - after a few years absence - and there was a great atmosphere throughout as a throwback to the days of friendly cricket. Every player had a bat or a bowl, there were a number of youngsters (and a few from the opposite end of the age scale) including a father-son combination on both sides. Sudbourne batted first and got off to a fast start thanks to Mick Peck (as always against us!) and Ben Tester. A cracking catch on the boundary by Josh B earned the breakthrough and Ralph then broke through the breach by snapping up four wickets with a fine spell. Newcomer Khalid enjoyed his spell and Owen enjoyed his spell even more as he picked up his first wickets for the club. Josh S had a couple of stumpings including an odd one when Matt D sent down a wide delivery to his brother Dan who remained outside his crease as Josh threw down the stumps. Josh S then led our reply with another impressive innings. He reached his second half-century in two innings this season before chipping a catch for 60. Phil then kept up the good work with a very good half-century, hitting the winning runs with a couple of overs to spare.

We now look to all members making their avaiability known so that everybody can get a game over the next two months - contact Eddie & Phil (Saturday 1st team), Malcolm & Mark (Saturday 2nd team) and we also have two T20 teams. As well as ladies matches and plenty of junior matches. Let us know!

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Hello! Hello!

A unique season actually started on July 11 with an enjoyable inter-club friendly. Team Stokes were triumphant against Team Bowyer in the battle of the Joshes.

There was some good cricket played at times, several neatly-taken catches and the usual fireworks from Jothi. We slowly got used to the new routines including six-over breaks for hand sanitiser, not returning the ball around the fielders, etc. Most people got a bat and/or a bowl, a few looked like they may have played the game before while others looked as if it was the first time they had ever seen a cricket bat!! The teas were great (everybody brought their own) and a cheeky bottle of beer afterwards went down well. And with an 11am start it was all done and dusted by 5pm. That could be the way forward - we shall see.

We have a 10-match programme against local sides to come, with two teams in action. Let Phil/Eddie and/or Malcolm/Mark know your availability and we can look forward to some good times on the cricket pitch in July, August and September.

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